Automated accounts payable processing 
in the cloud

ReadSoft capture software immediately extracts and enters the data from your supplier invoices into a secure online site, allowing you to access, verify, and approve the information easily, from any location.
Accounts Payable automation in the cloud - Video

Low-cost and easy-to-implement invoice capture

ReadSoft Online is a proven route to realizing the benefits of automated invoice processing without the expense of large-scale IT implementations. This web-based service captures and interprets the information on supplier invoices and indexes it for accurate entry into your ERP system or workflow. If you don’t have a workflow, you can take advantage of the built-in workflow within ReadSoft Online.

By processing invoices in the cloud, your organization is freed from the costs of a server, software, and hardware maintenance, and your staff is freed from the error-prone work of entering invoice information. Invoices become available online for verification and approval within moments of arrival.

Key features and benefits

  • Capture in the Cloud - Check BoxesFast and simple invoice access, available anywhere
  • Quicker invoice processing to take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Greater visibility and control of accounts payable processes
  • No hardware investments or maintenance headaches
  • Constant access to ReadSoft’s latest technology updates
  • The cloud provides a single point of entry for
    decentralized invoice processing
  • Scalable pricing model – pay only for what you use
  • Minimal amount of training and set-up required 
  • Ideal for lower invoice volumes, traditionally expensive to process

Immediately turn your invoices into information
that AP can act on

Getting ready to process an invoice requires nothing more than logging in. The software carefully reviews your pending invoice files and extracts the important information.

Ready, set, process

As long as you have a web connection, you can access ReadSoft Online. Implementation is simple, and return-on-investment realized quickly.

Automated invoice processing in the cloud - Video

In general, here’s how it works

This is how other companies have used our solutions

Big benefits with anytime, anywhere access to invoices (NRH)

Swedish accounting firm Norra Redovisningshuset now has all of their invoice and payment information available anywhere, anytime, thanks to ReadSoft Online.


Automated invoice processing in the cloud gives ConQuaestor flexibility and greater control

A business services company in Northern Europe discovers ReadSoft’s data capture solution in the cloud to solve its invoice processing problems and to integrate with its Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system.


Accounting firm brings big business thinking to small companies with cloud-based ReadSoft Online and Saasu (Revolution Business Services)

Accounting firm delivers comprehensive services–including real time cash flow visibility–to its small and medium-sized clients with cloud-based ReadSoft Online and Saasu.


Reference cases for all solutions and industries can be found here.

Learn more about capture in the cloud

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Advances in computing power and storage capabilities over the years have made it possible for organizations to choose from a number of options for process automation. Successful deployment of technology depends on an understanding of what is needed and why.

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AP automation in the cloud: efficient and secure - Brochure

ReadSoft Online is a cloud-based service for AP automation that digitizes and enters supplier invoices from paper, pdf, and document image files. By having all invoices immediately accessible on the net with the option of straight-through processing, you minimize manual work and enable bottom-line improvement.


Automating Accounts Payable: Don’t pay extra for the privilege of paying - Brochure

Eliminate manual handling from your supplier invoice processing and use resources more efficiently with ReadSoft’s AP automation solution. Capture, extract, and verify invoice data online and have the results entered straight into a workflow.


A Compelling Case for AP Automation in the Cloud - White paper

This white paper covers the benefits of AP automation and Software-as-a-Service, then explores the inherent benefits of using cloud solutions in the AP landscape. It also provides a guideline for achieving optimal efficiencies when using AP automation in the cloud.

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